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Fair & Accurate Trade-In Appraisals in New York

When leasing a new car in NY or NJ, you will typically need to come up with a down payment. For many people, trading in an existing vehicle is the easiest way to do this. If you want to learn how much your vehicle is worth so you can start planning what type of car you can lease, please work with us to get a free trade-in appraisal. These appraisals will let you know how much we can pay for the vehicle, so that it can be applied to your down payment. Depending on what type of car you currently have, it may be enough to completely pay for the down payment, and even help to reduce your monthly payment over the life of your new lease.

Fast Appraisals

We know that your time is valuable, and you don’t want to waste any of it getting a trade-in appraisal. This is why we offer fast appraisals for any type of vehicle. We’ll work with you to schedule the appraisal at a time that works for you, and make sure that we have everything that is needed to complete this important work fast. When done, we’ll provide you with the results so you know exactly how much your vehicle can bring in should you decide to trade it in for a new lease.

No Obligation Appraisals

Our trade-in appraisals never come with any obligation to go forward with the lease, so you really have nothing to lose. If you don’t like the offer you are able to get, you are always welcome to keep your car. Of course, we do all we can to make our appraisals as attractive as possible at all times, but we don’t want to make any requirements that could discourage people from getting the information they need. To schedule a trade-in appraisal in NY or NJ, please contact us at 347-826-4440.

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